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Urinary Tract Infection

  • Around 25-30% of patients hospitalized at any time have a catheter inserted during their stay.
  • Around 10% of such patients get a bacterial infection in their urinary tract. This number goes up to 30-50% for patients admitted to ICU.
  • There has also been a high incidence of UTIs in patients who require long-term catheterization. Urinary tract infections account for around 30 - 40 % of all Hospital associated infections globally.

Catheter Blockage (Encrustation)

  • The bacterial adhesion on the surface of the urinary catheter leads to biofilm formation.
  • Bacteria produce an enzyme, urease, that converts the urea in the urine into ammonia, changing the pH of the urine towards alkaline.
  • This change in pH leads to encrustation by mineral salts, leading to catheter blockage.
  • Statistics show that more than 40% of catheterized patients experience catheter blockage at some point of time and face a severe issue of urine retention.

SilvoGuard® Antimicrobial Foley Catheter

Shaping Medical products with advanced Technology

  • 100% Antimicrobial using active silver nanoparticles - a patented NanoAgCideTM technology
  • Impregnation technology ensures 0% loss of activity otherwise seen in coating technology
  • Antibiotic/ toxic chemical free
  • Product remains antimicrobial throughout its shelf life
  • No leaching of active component
  • No special product activation required
  • Prevents Catheter Associated UTI
  • Prevents catheter encrustation and blockage
  • Optimal tip for ease of insertion into patients
  • Calculated distance between eye and balloon for minimal urine retention

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Evolution towards a Better Prevention

How SilvoGuard® is making a Difference

SilvoGuard® Catheter with advanced impregnation technology is designed to prevent fungal and bacterial infection from devices that often fail to stamp it out.

SilvoGuard® Catheter is a product with intrinsic antimicrobial activity that slowly releases active silver ions to kill the bacteria which further prevent UTIs.

Its broad spectrum additive helps in killing bacteria that are in close vicinity of the catheter and forbid any residing bacteria to form any biofilm on the surface of the catheter.

No biofilm formation | No Encrustation

SilvoGuard® Antimicrobial Foley Catheter does not allow bacteria to attach and grow on the surfaces of the catheter.

Thus, there is no biofilm formation or encrustation seen in SilvoGuard® catheters as compared to Control catheters in which confluent bacterial growth and biofilm formation is seen.

Broad spectrum Antimicrobial activity

SilvoGuard® Antimicrobial Foley Catheter is able to inhibit the growth of the majority of the UTI causing pathogens thereby preventing UTI and further complications.

In the case of Non-antimicrobial catheters, there is no inhibition of bacteria.

SilvoGuard® for all your needs

Short term catheterization for patients at risk of infections

ICU Patients (Immunocompromised)

Long Term Catheterized patients (Neurological or urological surgery patients)

Geriatic patients & Home healthcare patients

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