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Covid life @WIB

COVID-19 is not only a virus infection but also a game changer revolution in everyone’s life. Everything that we know about a normal life has come to standstill. Lockdown, work from home, video call, weekdays with family all that we used to dream for had become reality which started to haunt us now. It was particular a tough time for all the enterprises and start-ups. Everyone had to pivo dans immediately adapt to the new style of working.
We at WIB had a slight hint of this situation and started taking actions in the first wave of Covid itself. We quickly shifted to online mode of working and reaching out to our partners and customers online. Being in medical field we had a fair idea of the epidemiology of virus and we quickly took steps to bring our process in place. We have carefully managed the productions cycles and marketing activities keeping lockdown regulations in mind.

Prasad and Sandeep travelling to Gujrat under lockdown for production trial.

Since we work in infection prevention, we had better idea about infection prevention practices. We felt it was our responsibility to educate people about infection prevention practices. We host multiple webinars to educate and share knowledge.

Infection prevention webinar conducted at WIB

Lockdown or no lockdown work at WIB was never at stand still. We iterated the training for our distribution partners and made all the training sessions online. We were blessed that all the field force have also taken online mode so well, we could conduct the training very efficiently.

Training session for distribution partner

Life at WIB was always full of fun and happiness. In the sad times of covid we kept our hopes high and took all the efforts to boost everyone’s mood without even meeting in person. We made sure the fun never stops at WIB and ever member remains happy and healthy.

Prasad, Sandeep and Abhishek enjoying a well-deserved lunch after searching kilometers for restaurant

We only travelled when it was absolutely imperative to travel with all the precautions and safety measurement for us and others around us.

Milind and Munish in Metro at Lucknow

We make working fun not only to ourselves but also for our partners. We believe that excellent results comes when people associated with you are happy. We made sure that our partners are equally happy and healthy during Covid times.

Milind and Munish celebrating agreement signing with Mr. Mishra from PanAsia at Lucknow

We made sure that all the family members of all the teammates are also happy and healthy. We understand how work from home can be touch in a lot of circumstances rather than making these things stressful we made it fun.

Master Ruansh attending a meeting with Anupama

Inauguration of sales office

Anupama education about the threat of AMR

Anupama Delivering talk to Times techies

Get to know more about silver nanoparticles and advanced technology in infection prevent and control.

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