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Medical Use of Silver in Treating and Preventing Infections

The usage of silver has grown sharply in healthcare and medical devices, the antimicrobial activity of silver has been known for a while now but the mechanism behind the variety of applications has been elucidated recently. Its antimicrobial property reduces the bacterial burden and promotes the healing of chronic wounds. Along with the ease in cuts and ulcers, silver has also been utilized in textile products and medical equipment namely, post-operative incision dressing, mattress covers, operating gowns, bed linens, wounds dressing, urinary catheter designs, vascular prostheses, endotracheal tubes, etc.
Studies have found that wound dressing that comprises silver minimizes adhesion for patients suffering from burns and cuts, therefore, improve the level of comfort and lessen the pain when the dressing is changed.

Apart from clinical equipment and fabrics, the antimicrobial silver nanoparticlesspray has also been used to clean the surface and eliminate infectious microorganisms. With the constant evolving of technologies in healthcare, the silver-based coating has also marked their presence in medical devices – catheters and tubing – to forestall surgical site infections.

Although, since ancient times researchers have found the antimicrobial effect of silver, it's only recently that silver has been extensively utilized to control and prevent the outspread of infections – Healthcare-Associated Infections.

With the consistent efforts of research centres and growing demands of modern technologies to control viruses and bacteria – the scientist has also extended their focus on nanoparticles – intending to produce the anti-microbial effect.

Due to the gradual progress of silver in the healthcare sector and infection control products, many hospitals and institutions are actively taking part to make use of hygiene products that are incorporated with silver – air purifier, door handles, bed rails, sprays, hairdryers, paints, lacquers, gowns, etc.

Hence, it is quite clear that our medical sector is taking a shift towards the betterment of silver-modified devices in preventing and controlling infections.

The long-lasting antimicrobial effect of silver nanoparticles without being toxic to the human body is ushering more and more healthcare spheres to make use of silver in manufacturing commercial products for household items, clinical modules, packaging, and fabrics. Get to know more about silver nanoparticles and advanced technology in infection prevent and control.

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