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How Digitalization can prepare us for Future Pandemics

The world has been trying to learn new methods with varied approaches to fight back against these unexpected pandemics that have taken millions of lives all over the world. While technology has always played its part during such terrifying outbreaks, COVID-19 has really highlighted the importance of digital technology. It may not be a direct preventive measure but it can certainly help to notify us and increase awareness of the situation before it creates any havoc. 
Because of digital technologies – virtual meetings, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, etc., it’s foreseeable now to be more prepared for such future pandemics. Wearable Smart Devices
Through these smart sensor devices, we can save both the time and energy of doctors who spend the majority of their time diagnosing the symptoms and helping them with alternative treatments.
Today’s wearable devices that are linked to our mobile phones can easily detect our temperature, heartbeat rate, glucose level, blood pressure and other vitals that can predict the symptoms and saves our diagnosis time rather than seek us directly – if we have the symptoms of disease or not.

Virtual Consultation
Virtual healthcare systems have played a crucial role during the pandemic outbreak. People have stayed for a long time under strict quarantine as health workers were the first with a higher risk of infection.

Therefore eluding physical contact between patients and doctors has effectively slowed down the transmission of the virus and stayed quite favourable for regular patients to receive care and online treatments especially for elders who are at more risk.

Contactless Service
With the advancement in technology, healthcare has also led towards driverless vehicles such as drones and robots to provide essential service without any contact with the patients and other individuals.

To reduce the possibility of getting infected, robots have taken hold of sanitizing the streets and delivering grocery as well as medical supplies. With changing times, these technologies will be entirely effective to even transfer patients without risking the life of healthy people.

Today we have a blog about how digitalization can prepare us for future pandemics. In the last decade, we have seen a growing number of diseases that could potentially have a catastrophic effect on the world. If the right measures are not taken, they could have a devastating effect on the world.

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