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Antimicrobial Foley Catheter: Advancement in Medical Sphere

Hippocrates was the one who discovered the antimicrobial properties of silver in 400 BC, yet it has been a mystery how silver acts as a powerful weapon against pathogens.

This metal has been used for thousands of years to fight infections and has continued to be a weakness for bacteria. Various biomedical engineers have outlined today – how the ancient method of using Silver for treatments distort bacteria and can help modern science deal with antibiotic resistance.

Silver ions with their antimicrobial effects targets microorganisms through multiple modes of actions – it binds to the bacterial cell wall that on the other hand, block the transport of all the in and out substances of the cell. It also helps in breaking off the replication when it interacts with DNA and inhibits bacterial cell division. Moreover, it also blocks the bacterial respiratory system and therefore the cells’ energy production system.

Years of clinical trials and multiple reports have proven that silver nanoparticles have the potential property of antimicrobials to possess a strong activity against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Due to its antibiotic properties, low risk of bacterial resistance and long history as an antiseptic, WIBPL has used Silver in their antimicrobial product range. WIBPL has developed NanoAgCide™ - a patented silver nanoparticle technology. This technology can be used to create various antimicrobial products. WIBPL has launched a complete product range of antimicrobial products under SilvoGuard®.

With this aim of reducing and eliminating infections, WIBPL has infused SIlver nanoparticles into a Foley Catheter, SilvoGuard Antimicrobial Foley Catheter is a product that is created using patented NanoAgCideTM technology, can remain antimicrobial throughout its shelf life. It is an accurately designed product that maintains a calculated distance between eye and balloon for minimal urine retention. Its impregnation technology results in a 0% loss of activity with no leaching of active components.

Multiple studies and reports have found that a remarkable amount of patients with catheterization experience catheter blockage now and then with a severe hitch of urine retention. Therefore, to mitigate the encrustation, Foley Catheter with 100% antimicrobial activity releases active silver ions at a slow pace that kills the bacteria leading to the prevention of UTIs. It also forbids any residing bacteria to form any sort of biofilm on the catheter surface.

Consequently, the usage of Antimicrobial Foley Catheters and their effective evaluations has concluded that silver nanoparticles disrupt the permeability once attach to the surface of the cell membrane, followed by hampering ATP production and DNA replication.

After successful research and clinical trials – many medical institutions and healthcare companies are equipping this effective antimicrobial agent to treat urinary tract infections and keeping patients away from bacterial infections.

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