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SilvoClean – Prevent Dry Hands and Germs with Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

Weinnovate Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 13485 certified start-up company idealized for developing solutions in Infection Prevention and Control employing a unique approach to prevent infections.

Using silver nanoparticle-based antimicrobial – NanoAgCide TM – which has already been granted a Patent, the company has developed a Colloidal Silver Hand Sanitizer. SilvoClean is an alcohol-free hand sanitiser with silver nanoparticles that not only prevent dryness of skin but is also effective in clearing germs and microbes from your hands.

Covid-19 has set forth the importance of hand hygiene; believe it or not, every year we tend to lose approximately 7 lakh lives due to poor hygiene and living in an unhealthy environment.

Therefore, SilvoClean TM has launched a non-alcoholic sanitiser under the CAWACH grant from DST, India. Implementing the patented “NanoAgCide” technology, which is eco- friendly, effective, and a broad-spectrum antimicrobial solution. This alcohol-free sanitiser has long-term usage where the active nanosilver plays the dual role of preventing the spread of Covid-19 infections and keeping skin moisturized.

Made in India – A step towards making India ‘Atmanirbhar’

Due to its antibiotic properties, low risk of bacterial resistance and long history as an antiseptic, WIBPL has used Silver in their antimicrobial product range. WIBPL has developed NanoAgCide™ - a patented silver nanoparticle technology. This technology can be used to create various antimicrobial products. WIBPL has launched a complete product range of antimicrobial products under SilvoGuard®.

Currently, available hand sanitisers are made up of alcohol-based formulations. Although, they are effective against inhibiting the spread of infections, yet they pose huge risks. Alcohol severely dehydrates your skin. Alcohol is highly inflammable and comes under the list of “Prohibited items” for carrying in trains as per the Railways Act 1989. It poses a severe threat to the safety of the public. Besides, the manufacturing of alcohol is a highly carbon-footprint intensive process.

After conducting multiple surveys and targeting different customer segments who are direct buyers/ observers of hand sanitiser that include – doctors, healthcare workers, homemakers, medical store owners, supermarkets, etc.; It was perceived that a large number of receiving parties were complaining of dehydration of the hand after the use of conventional alcohol- based hand sanitisers. Also, in a few cases, there were reports of secondary infections occurring due to the extreme dehydration of the skin.

After retrieving write-ups from a lot of published articles in newspapers and peer-reviewed feedback – it was clearly stated that factories, manufacturing units, and storage units are dealing with economic losses and loss of lives due to the inflammation of alcohol-based sanitisers.

Based on the above two findings of extreme hand dehydration followed by further secondary complications and huge environmental risks posed by alcohol-containing hand sanitiser, SilvoClean obtained their problem statement.

How SilvoClean is different from other solutions available in market

1. Alcohol-free – no environmental hazards, ease of manufacturing, transportation, and storage
2. Compared to alcohol-based sanitisers it does not dry up your hands
3. Long-lasting
4. Eco-friendly hand sanitiser
5. Does not contain any toxic chemicals or solvents
6. Scalable technology
7. Safe for children

The SilvoClean TM Spray hand sanitiser has been developed after rigorous research for years and has passed the tough tests of proving its efficacy and safety.

Efficacy: The efficacy of the hand sanitiser formulation has been tested by performing a clinical trial, registered as a clinical evaluation of the anti-viral activity of colloidal silver hand sanitiser using finger-pads of adults (the ASTM E 1838-17 procedure), with a protocol approved by CDSCO E1838-17#048-0520.

The test involved assessing the antiviral efficiency of the sanitiser against Murine Norovirus Type 1., one of the toughest viral cells to kill. A 94.25% reduction in the viral load of treated samples was obtained with the use of the SilvoClean TM Spray Hand sanitiser.

The sanitiser has also been checked for its efficacy against the Sars-Cov-2 virus in a clinical trial CTRI/2020/10/028688 on Covid positive patients. The preliminary data analysis has given excellent activity against the viruses reflected by increased CT values in RT-qPCR for samples post hand sanitization with SilvoClean Spray.

The sanitiser has been developed in two forms; Gel and Liquid with other compositions remaining the same.

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